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An approach to Timeless Design

Functionality and timeless design are keywords for Romina Frecha when creating meaningful spaces. Ro by Frecha Design - her interior design studio and showroom in New Preston - captures these ideals while also showcasing her fondness for Scandinavian influences.

"The studio celebrates the art of interior design through a commitment to modernist architecture, artisanal craft, and quality workmanship," Romina notes. "The focus is on artists' works that are internationally recognized as classic and contemporary, and crafted from responsibly-sourced materials."

Romina's vast design portfolio ranges from country homes, to city apartments and executive offices, always focusing on genuine materials, bespoke hardware, and timeless signature furnishing. She advises that just a few well-designed and impeccably constructed pieces can create the entire atmosphere.

"A home needs to be designed according to its environment and occupants. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand to give harmony to the people living in it."

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